This was project was my own undertaking. These icons are NOT actually used in the app, however, these are how I would modify what the UGA app currently uses.

Why Change It Up?
When I made these icons, the UGA Mobile App (where I worked at the time) was using a linear, all-black icon style. I didn't want to stray far from that, but I did want color.
My Solution
UGA is all about red and black, so I went with that color scheme.
I wanted shapes that were fun, but also telling as to where the user would be lead by clicking on the icon.
My Process
1st Idea
Preliminary concept based on the icons that are already in use
2nd Idea
Developing a new, simplified style and adding grey into the color palette
3rd Idea
Explore what it would look like for all icons to be in a circle
4th Idea
Opposing the 3rd idea, do not enclose any icons in a full circle
5th Idea
All icons are are outlined in black, and the color is shifted to give it depth and interest
6th & Final Idea
Make color fit snuggly into the lines and add small, white details for depth
Thanks to GraphicBurger and Tomek Tuz for the awesome iPhone mock-up template!
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