Of course I love design, but who am I, and what is CW Designs all about?

Hello, my name is Carlee Wooddell, owner of CW Designs, LLC.
The Main Goal
Wether it's a logo that'll be used for years to come or a flyer for an event, it should be fitting for the company and purpose. I want to create designs with which clients can connect.
Business Climate
In all of my work, I always keep an atmosphere of optimism and communication.
Why I Love Graphic Design
Growing up, I’d help my brother with his projects to make them look pretty. Today, I still enjoy making things look pretty, but I've learned that it can be more than just a school project that's pleasing to they eye. It can be prettiness with a purpose.
This purpose is dependent on other people. Clients come in with an idea, and I help turn their idea into a visual statement. Collaboration, communication, and creativity are key. What this boils down to is: .
About Me
I graduated from the University of Georgia (UGA) with a Bachelor of Fine Arts + an emphasis in Graphic Design.
I began as a user interface/user experience designer in May 2016 and then held various graphic designer roles on and off campus. After college, I pursued freelancing as a full-time career.
Aside from graphic design, I am also a(n)...
• Apostolic woman of God
• Wife
• Cat mom
• Motorcyclist
• Nerd-in-training
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